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I'm a web and software developer from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
I design and implement user interfaces, also contribute to open source projects.

2009年6月13日 星期六

xPUD Roadmap Toward Version 0.9.5

We'll focus on two major features:
  • Setting/Opt-Get

  • It's good sign to see people putting xPUD in daily use, and want to have it like normal system instead of live session. We'll create an unified setting file for xPUD/Plate, and make the setting backup/restore automatically. Also make install/keep/make Opt files as easy as possible.

  • File tab

  • We'll improve the File tab, try to use a web-based file manager or leverage on Moblin, to integrate it into Plate.

Some other planned features:
  • OSD notify: mozjs-dbus, key press event handling
  • Base System: 2.6.30 kernel and experiment on xorg
  • Plate UI: visual effect using jQuery, dynamic template for better usability

Please follow me on Twitter, keep an eye on Github, testing snapshot builds or subscribe on our forum for any updates. Thanks!