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2009年6月7日 星期日

xPUD 0.9 - A Better Desktop For Your Computer

Download: xpud-0.9.iso (51MB)
Website: http://www.xpud.org

We're proud to announce a new version of xPUD, a small and fast Linux with easy-to-use user interface, is now released. Version 0.9 is full of improvements and exciting new features.

New Features

Built-in Support for Netbooks

We have successfully tested on Asus EeePC, Acer AspireOne, MSI Wind, Lenovo Ideapad, Dell Mini and more.

xPUD also runs on virtual machine including VirtualBox, VMware and QEMU.

Your hardwares are not working out-of-box? No worries! You can always get more hardware support by installing drivers.

Multilingual Support

Plate UI comes with Chinese (both Traditional/Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish translations. Also mainly keyboard maps are included.

Not in your language? Feel free to send me a patch on translation file!

Plate UI for Mobile Device

Plate now has SystemTray that display time, network, battery and memory, also applications can be opened in FullscreenMode.

And now you can have PopupDialog. Wifi/Ethernet network manager are greatly improved. Most features really works!

LiveUSB, Windows Installer and More

We're now officially supported by UNetbootin, and from this version xPUD can be built as NSIS installer, install on Windows XP/Vista (just like Presto).

The modulize system, Opt-Get is also improved. You can now build Opt directly from the build system, and there's a developing branch called Core, which is a minimal mode xPUD weighing under 35MB!

Reference Links


Special thanks to these folks (not sorted):
  • Vaidotas Kazla "joshas" for lots of awesome commits
  • Jose Antonio sánchez vázquez "jasvazquez" for i18n structure
  • Andreas Städler and Simon Peter "probono" for German translation
  • probono for lots of improvements and ideas
  • Bruno Luiz for Portuguese translation
  • Keiji Oba for Japanese translation
  • Angus Frinc for French translation
  • Junhao Zhang for Simplified Chinese translation
  • Sergio Oller "zeehio" for Spanish translation
  • Paul Rouget on Mozilla suggestion and example plugin
And many many thanks for those who tested or reported, let me know if I forgot to name someone. If you want to join us, send me a mail so I can give you a commit bit!

Ping-Hsun Chen (penk) <penkia@gmail.com>

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tuxhelper 提到...

Congrats! This is one of the more interesting distro's and interfaces out there.

What our your thoughts on arm & mips that seem to be making headlines in the gnu/linux world ?

Chen, Ping-Hsun (penk) 提到...

@tuxhelper: Thanks for your kind words. I don't think "Smartbook" will succeed if they looks like laptop. And non of them can actually compete with smartphone. ;-)

Unknown 提到...


匿名 提到...

Just the distro I was looking for. It looks very professional and I like the simplicity.

crazytrader 提到...

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