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I'm a web and software developer from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
I design and implement user interfaces, also contribute to open source projects.

2011年12月7日 星期三

xPad 0.5 released!

Our answer to the Browser OS for tablets

xpad-0.5.iso (62MB)

After almost a year of hard working, we're proud to present xPad 0.5!
xPad is the Browser OS for touch-based devices, built on top of open source projects like xPUD, Qt/QML and WebKit.

This LiveCD/USB image works great on Virtualbox and some x86 machines, it has also been ported to several TI OMAP3/4 and nVidia Tegra2 platforms.

The Devil is in the details

We rewrote almost everything from the ground up, with Qt 4.7.2, QtQuick 1.1 and QtWebKit 2.1 software stacks, the web browser and virtual keyboard are now perfectly integrated, it also gave us the chance to make further customized UX and demonstrate all kinds of possibility about this Browser OS idea.

More Information

For more information you can refer to the source code repository on Github, and a presentation slides I made for COSCUP 2011. If you have any demo or customization request, feel free to send me a mail ;-)

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do, and have a great Christmas holiday.

All the best,

2011年1月3日 星期一

TouchWeb - browser of xPad got an upgrade

Here's a sneak preview of our next xPad release, the WebKit-based browser, TouchWeb, has been enhanced for finger browsing. Including:
  • Tap-and-hold (long press) gesture for right click
  • New Tab/Window handler
  • Safari-like URL bar and reload/stop button
And we even got the Chromium OS overview function implemented:

Stay tuned! ;-)