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I'm a web and software developer from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
I design and implement user interfaces, also contribute to open source projects.

2009年6月20日 星期六

xPUD Kiosk Mode

You can have Plate opening specific URL in a kiosk mode by booting with new url= parameter. To get further control of starting configuration like static IP, put your script under etc/init.d/, make it an initrd and load it by initrd= parameter.

Plate Kiosk Mode has an anti-frame-busting feature for its iframe, still some website like Gmail and Y!Mail doesn't work, as it may violate their terms of service though.

We have upgraded to Linux kernel 2.6.30, also update French, Italian, Russian and Swedish translations thanks to Tristan Velter, Alessandro Arrichiello, Slava Voronzoff and David Eurenius. You can download the latest snapshot build, and post feedback on the forum.