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I'm a web and software developer from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
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2009年4月15日 星期三

xPUD Snapshot Build



  • Plate UI: Chinese, English, German and Spanish
  • Keymap: de, es, fr, fr_CH, uk and more
  • Network Driver: Ralink (rt2860sta), Broadcom (wl, b43), VirtualBox, VMware (pcnet32) and QEMU (ne2k-pci)
  • mkxpud: module helper, image handler, python recipe
Big thanks to folks on the forum. I'll reply the mails and threads, upload the website translation after I have enough sleep.

More to come, stay tuned!
Update: Following features have been committed into Plate (English only):

Basic pop-up dialog support

Basic window management

...and fullscreen support!