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2009年4月13日 星期一

xPUD Roadmap Toward Version 0.9

Thanks for your interest in xPUD, I'm very appreciated for all of the feedbacks and contributions! :-)

The main purpose of this project is to make a ready-to-use Linux target on a small selection of hardware and applications, and still make adding extra stuff possible. We want to focus on one thing and get it done in a better design.

And the balance is important because we don't want to be a "barebone" OS like TinyCore, either to bundle too much things and becoming bloated. So I would like to talk some details toward next release, version 0.9:

  • Localization
  • Keyboard map support will be added. And if you're interest in translating website or user interface please let me know. We're now having website translation for Portuguese and Plate in German.

  • Hardware Support
  • I'll check the latest Linux Kernel for better wireless support. The Moblin releasenote will be used as the built-in hardware list reference.

    If your hardware is not supported by xPUD at this moment, don't panic. Please check the "Kernel Modules" section on the download page, and we'll try to make this process easier.

  • Plate UI
  • The user interface will come with minor improvements, for example Fullscreen Mode for application menu, Ethernet network setting, and the rest of the not yet implemented features will be filled as much as possible.

  • Package Manager
  • There will be an easy way to add extra software "plugin", manually or automatically.
    Too bad that I can't provide any schedule like most of the small FOSS projects, please follow me on Twitter, or subscribe on our forum for any updates. Thanks!

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    Alex 提到...

    Hey, I interesting in translate to spanish

    Contact me! :-)

    LUIS360 提到...

    Hello, and state the slope of xPUD since I saw him in fayerwayer.com, my question is if you can install more programs? 0.8.9 in either terminal or by other means, if so can you tell me how?
    Thank you very much = D

    From Mexico, translated by google