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2009年4月8日 星期三

Review of xPUD

We got the first review of xPUD 0.8.9 from Zonas: Review: xPUD 0.8.9
He said that there will be a danish one too, that's cool. :-)
Here are some other posts:
Hope Google will update our website cache soon.

4 則留言:

Unknown 提到...

It's a cool OS.
If i am interest in xPUD about development, how do i get the source code or join the development group or provide my help?

Chen, Ping-Hsun (penk) 提到...

Hi lulumi:

join our forum at http://groups.google.com/group/pud-linux and get source code from github: http://github.com/penk/mkxpud/tree/master

匿名 提到...

Have you ever tried to boot it on some ARM-based platform? If so it would be real cool.

匿名 提到...

Please promote xPUD, we love it. Market it, polish it, we will pay for it.

Can you hide system files from end users, so they cant mess with it.

Have a folder called MyDocuments, and hide folder structure under expert mode.

To access expert mode, they will need sudo password.

Have 3 Panels

1. Home

2. Files

3. Configure

xPUD is the best, please continue to improve it.