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2012年10月5日 星期五

Unofficial Open webOS liveCD/USB

UPDATED: added new download link

Download: openwebos-desktop-1005.iso (112MB)
MD5: 396dbd28dd08d337262821fec68be16c

I created an unofficial Open webOS Live distro, based on the desktop build and mkxpud for Ubuntu 12.04. It has bugs and only tested on Virtualbox, but you get the idea.

What's next

I'll work on following things

  • compile new kernel and add extra kernel drivers (targeting 3.2.0-23 for 12.04 LTS)
  • set boot parameter to /etc/palm/luna-platform.conf so you can configure gesture area, keyboard and resolution from boot loader
  • add new cookbook & recipe to mkxpud, and try switching to OE build to further strip down image size
  • Preware / Homebrew / quick install / developer mode in Open webOS?
If you find anything interesting and want to help, please do. Contact me @penk or #webos-port channel.

Notes on xPUD

I no longer maintain the old plate UI, but underlying system of xPUD is still actively developing. You can check out recent commits of added Google Chrome / Chromium support; SlateKit our reference UX for tablets, and right now we're working on Open webOS and maybe porting to Firefox Webian/Gaia.

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mitcoes 提到...

I am going to test it with multisystem, it would be a great idea - if it does not work - to add support to multisystem / yumi and multiboot - a grub2 entry -

Thanks a lot for your work.

mitcoes 提到...

Tested in Multisystem is goes in, it boots, but it does not boot udev and X, it need a little fixes to run.

Tested in VB and no tools for setting non US keyboards - hard to find @ from an sp keyb - At VB the screen is too big and you have to slide - at least at my Xubuntu at 720p with a 24" LCD screen.

But it seems fast, and it is great, I missed some app market.

Again thanks for your work, I'll keep in tocuch with further versions.

Unknown 提到...

for download openwebos-desktop-1005.iso using username e password?

syndtr 提到...

Interesting... but you should at least include i915 and radeon KMS drivers and its X modules.

Nugie 提到...

good job man. im using it in virtualbox and it runs like a dream (much better than my 5 windows operating systems)