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I'm a web and software developer from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
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2012年10月19日 星期五

GPU acceleration!

I've got the GPU working on NOOK Color, and the port of Open webOS is now built with OpenGL ES 2.0, here's the video:

Technical details:

  • Built pvrsrvkm kernel module and took binaries from libgles2-sgx-omap3 package
  • Recompiled Qt with -opengl es2 and link QtWebKit against it
  • Configured LunaSysMgr with CONFIG_BUILD += opengl and some ifdef in file Src/base/windowdata/HostWindowDataOpenGL.cpp

What does this mean? Well, maybe not much, since the platform (TI OMAP3621) and GPU (PowerVR SGX530) is quite old, but I'm looking forward to hack more recent device like Nexus 7!