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2014年3月16日 星期日

SlateKit Shell ported to Oxide WebView

Oxide WebView evolved

As Oxide developed further, more and more features has been re-enabled in the Ubuntu Touch webbrowser app, that gives us a very good example on how to port a QtWebKit application over Oxide WebView, especially the renderer-related user script and context menu.

Oxide branch of SlateKit Shell

To explain that I've created an example of Oxide WebView with user script, note that experimental.userScripts and experimental.onMessageReceived are replaced by WebContext and ScriptMessageHandler. You may also checkout the Oxide branch of SlateKit Shell.

Download ISO image

SlateKit Base Technical Preview updated accordingly:


Most of works are done in one commit, with following features enabled:

  • Touch gestures
  • Context menu when long pressed
  • Custom virtual keyboard hook
  • PopUp selector menu

The Reader Mode and UserAgent Switch are temporarily disabled in Oxide branch.