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2010年11月3日 星期三

xPUD 0.9.5 - Re-implemented everything, again

Download: xpud-0.9.5.iso (65MB)


This is a technical preview release, which only suits developers. If you're looking for next stable release please follow us on twitter.

New Features

Ubuntu 10.10 base and Linux kernel, alone with an updated build system.

TableWare platform

Starting with this version we launch a new project called TableWare, a web-based window manager, which replaced the old XPCOM/MozPlugger implementation with following software components:
  • new NPAPI plugin
  • new XCB-based window manager
  • Node.js and WebSocket support
  • new daemon with inotify and D-Bus support
  • new WebKit-based runtime
So the fun starts here!

How cool will it be if you can write a window manager using CSS/HTML and JS in 297 lines of code?

Known Issues

  • only tested in virtualbox
  • still very very buggy
  • iframe-shim doesn't work in webkit

What to expect next?

  • re-designed plate UI
  • compositor of tableware platform
  • ARM port and xPad, THE tablet edition! :-)
  • If you've got any question or request, feel free to drop me a mail

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匿名 提到...

I'm amazed by the concept, but isn't webkit/chromium a faster choice instead of Mozilla Gecko Runtime?

Is it a lot of trouble adding apt-get or rmp/yum packet manager, with fedora or ubuntu repositories?



匿名 提到...

Mixed up the TEXT from your website which was about the Mozilla Gecko Runtime, but this version is already using Webkit as stated on your blog is it?

penk 提到...

In the latest stable release (0.9.2) we're using Gecko as well as XPCOM for system integration. In the trunk we added support to both WebKit/Gecko with WebSocket and TableWare platform.

Actually there's an apt-get plugin, but the problem is the size of package list itself. (/var/lib/dpkg/info)

匿名 提到...

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