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2010年7月11日 星期日

Next-Gen xPUD

I'm planning next generation of xPUD while preparing the talk for Gnome Asia Summit this year.
Here's the fact:
  1. we're using mozplugger and <embed> to get applications embedded for now
  2. but we can't handle popup window, quit from applications or
    application started by xterm
  3. we need a way to listen CreateNotify / DestroyNotify event
  4. and only window manager can do that!
Here's my plan:
  1. write a window manager using xcb, do nothing but a) open web browser in fullscreen, and b) send dbus signal through dbus-javascript bridge to the browser while getting MapRequest event
  2. when the browser get that signal, add an <embed> tag with an id of the window id, and reparent it
  3. while the window manager get DestroyNotify event, remove that
    corresponding <embed> tag
So we can solve this once and for all!

I've done about 50% of the window manager (haven't named it yet, any idea?), and 80% of the "touchweb" browser (based on webkit and javascript dbus bridge), we might eventually need our own NPAPI plugger (could be a stripped down version of mozplugger)

That's for now. Stay tuned.

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tvelter 提到...

Small Window manager = SWiM

阿信 提到...

Do we need the openbox after the new Window Manager is born?

邪楊.樹雄 提到...

I love SWiM