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2009年12月8日 星期二

xPUD 0.9.2 - Firefox OS with App Store

Download: xpud-0.9.2.iso (64MB)
Website: http://www.xpud.org

We're pleased to announce the release of xPUD 0.9.2. xPUD is a minimal and fast booting Browser OS, based on Mozilla Firefox, with a web-based UI on top. This version comes with new SysTray, WebApp mode, PageCurl effect, online App Store, new File tab and more.

New Features

New SysTray and Improved Backup/Restore

We re-write the SysTray with iconified style, also provide an on-screen notification, and little tweaks of shutdown dialog.

PageCurl and WebApp mode

Plate now supports WebApp mode, that open web page directly within UI, and we're working on a window control feature called PageCurl.

Opt-Get App Store

You can install applications by using Opt-Get and the online App Store. For example if you want to have Dropbox, which is pretty neat for netbook, you can simply click on it, and it will be downloaded, installed and kept for you to use next time.

You can also pre-download opt plugins, and put them under opt/ directory of your USB drive, they'll be auto loaded while xPUD is booting.

Updated system and File tab

Based on latest Ubuntu 9.10 repository and Linux Kernel 2.6.31, xPUD 0.9.2 comes with Vietnamese support of total 15 different languages, and now we have Xorg and PCManFM built into core. The porting of ARM and MIPS architectures had also been done.

Known Issue

As a development release, this version comes with some known issues:
  • Windows installer can only be installed on the first partition (C:\) without hidden partition
  • Some Broadcom BCM43XX chip needs firmware, you can pre-download it by using get_b43_firmware script
  • Xorg in this release doesn't come with most DRI drivers, we'll provide them by Opt plugin, if it doesn't detect your screen resolution right, try screen=1024x768 parameter
  • PageCurl served only as window control button know, it will be improved in the next release
Please report bug on the issue tracker, we'll keep eyes on that and try hard to get rid of them.

Special Thanks

We had been widely reported and were invited to be a speaker on many conferences since June 2009. Thank you all for effort to spread the word!

And thanks to our core team members, Vaidotas Kazla "joshas", Fulvio Chionetti "kionez", Tristan Velter "tvelter", Hai Le and many contributors on forum and IRC channel, you've done an amazingly great job!

17 則留言:

Unknown 提到...

after installing skype opt I cannot run it.
clicking on the icon does nothing.
trying to lauch from the console gives the error:
error while loading shared libraries: libXv.so.1: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

ps: i'm running xpud hdd image (added row inside grub config)

Chen, Ping-Hsun (penk) 提到...

you'll need "/opt/media" as initrd from the iso image

Kuu 提到...

你好,最近在試用xPUD 0.9.2
(Wi-Fi設定裡的Network Device是空的)

另請教一下,如何讓USB安裝版的啟動速度變快些?(似乎與BIOS下不支援USB 2.0有關)
有沒有辦法先載入USB 2.0驅動後,再啟動xPUD呢?

匿名 提到...

PS: Plz add a good image viewer, a good help file, a Moovida like lite media center, Opera and Make it compleate !!!!
Anyway Thanks a lotttttt....

匿名 提到...

Plz provide uTorrent instead of transmission, bcoz uTorrent is more familiar and easy to use,

匿名 提到...

xPUD is really great!!! I love it!!! Is there a way to install more stuff, using something like synaptic package manager?

Unknown 提到...

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yinung 提到...

我又回來試 xPUD (上次試的是 0.90 & 0.91), 這次的結果很棒, 幾乎我所有的新舊機器都可以跑
1. eee pc 1000
2. Acer TravelMate C310
3. AMD Duron (應該 800 MHz)
4. HP 2133
速度也很快 (只有 HP2133 是慢慢...)

網路在下載 driver.opt 後, notebook 的有線, 無線連線啟動都OK, 但有一些奇怪的問題想請教:

1. 都用 USB 碟開機 (裝在硬碟中) 的話 (紀錄保存也存在同一 USB), 只有 HP 2133 重開後會自動回復 wireless 連線, 其它都要手動, 這是正常的嗎? (我本來以為好可惜, 都要手動 wireless 連網...雖然不是很麻煩)
2. 所以我想請教, 儲存資料是存哪些還原 (restore) 時會回復的設定?

3. (試很 ctrl-space 和亂按很多鍵後都沒找到) scim 啟動鍵是什麼? (能否加入倉頡嗎? 如果 size 不會增加很多的話)




2.Chrome OS在製作中應該也會走過和Xpud相同的路,
個人認為如果拿Xpud當作Chrome OS的candidate,
應該也會是前幾名吧, 為了用Chrome Browser卻要


MadsRH 提到...

Chen -> Awesome work! Looking forward to more of xPUD.

匿名 提到...

您好!我使用IBM R30舊筆電解析度最大只能到800x600是否有新驅動程式可至1024x768謝謝。

匿名 提到...

you should consider adding emesene and calculator also to the opt-in apps :)

the left menu could be a tiny bit smaller too (or an option to change size)

wonderful os!

匿名 提到...

some people may also like a paint program like pinta

and native lightweight office like gnumeric and abiword

also a search your files would be great

匿名 提到...

Bea fioi! Bravi
when ever i'll have spare time..

And DVB? hard to stream to and get the hardware?

--Pier Paolo

匿名 提到...

I can't seem to save any settings. i try to use backup settings to mnt/sda1, 2, 3, 4 and the wifi settings don't get saved

Krzysztof Madel 提到...

Your system is excellent! Is it possible to have it without PageCurl function? xPUD 9.1 was very elegant in this, so I would be very happy of having 9.2 with 9.1 like shell, with no PageCurl at all. How can I get it?

匿名 提到...

那裡可以下載ARM的版本 ?