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2009年1月7日 星期三

The U.S. vs. Penk: Day3

We went to The Denny's last night.

It looks like I'm eating all the night, well, yes, but that's because I work hard in the rest of my day time, and don't go out to look around. "阿宅到了美國還是宅啦", someone said that to me.

The weather at morning is really good, bright sunlight, biting cold air.. but I need to work.

Me and Yu-kai went to have launch with Dave after his meeting in the afternoon. Guess where did we eat? The Cheesecake Factory! Actually I know Cheesecake Factory from a situation comedy 'The Big Bang Theory', Ching-ching must be envious about me. :-P

It looks great inside, and the bread taste good, too.

The second burger I had!

Yu-kai was tweeting with his iPhone.

Burger, red onion, fries and "no lettuce" of course. ( It seems that American people don't eat cooked vegetable at all )

The local Apple Store, and iPhone vending machine. It looks sad after a disappointment MacWorld keynote this morning. :-(

After that, I passed out on the bed again at 6:30 PM. Maybe I'll never overcome the jet lag. I'll fly to Las Vegas tomorrow (actually today, it's 3:00 AM now) morning, can't wait to see what's interesting out there.

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