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2008年9月20日 星期六

xPUD 0.8.5 - a WebOS Platform

Download: xpud-0.8.5.zip (24MB)

We're glad to release a development version of xPUD, the whole OS image is only 24MB, comes with faster boot time (5.09 seconds on EeePC 701), and the user interface with small screen support. xPUD now can be a great WebOS platform!

This is a bug fixing version of xPUD 0.8 series with small modification, and all of these new features are for demo purposes only right now.

New Features:

  • Built-in Gears Support

  • Because of the "App" tab is temporary replaced with "Web" to show how easily to mash-up with web applications, we also make Gears bundled with plate UI.

  • Improved Boot Time

  • The image size is also reduced down to 24MB by removed media player, so the loading time is improved. You can get further result if the testing machine includes SSD.

  • Improved plate UI

  • 640x480 resolution support is available and results good on small device like EeePC 701. The boot time is now auto-calculating by script.

Known Issues

  • Limited hardware support, you may need to download rootfs and recompile kernel to fit your needs
  • Boot time counts form boot loader to X starting by using /proc/uptime, so it may not be accurate
  • You still need to take some move on touchpad/mouse to bring out plate UI while X is starting
  • In addition to Gears, lxtask, gpicview and xclock are also included. You can switch back to App tab by using /root/plate/template/exec.html.bak
Thanks and feedback welcome!

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匿名 提到...

"5.09 seconds on EeePC 701"

Is this number achieved with the SSD on EeePC 701, or using a USB drive?

Anyway, I tried the 0.85 version with USB on a Dell D620, it boots up quite slow (more than 1 minutes) and network didn't work.


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xPUD boot from HDD .... very fast!
xPUD boot from USB .... very slow!

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cloud computing os的定位我認為很棒 !
請問要怎麼樣才能夠灌到 HD 中?
我透過 Mobile HD 將程式拷貝進去
但是在執行 install.bat 時
訊息卻表示那不是一個 flash(這個我知道...)
所以我無法在 HD 中使用 xPUD