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2008年8月11日 星期一

xPUD 0.8 - New Milestone

Download: xpud-0.8.zip (31MB)

We're glad to release a development version of xPUD. In fact this is a "lite" edition compare to the "standard" LiveUSB structure, but it contains many interesting features and reaches new milestone so we decided to make it 0.8. :-)


  • 31MB, 7 Seconds
    Including mplayer, firefox and plate UI, the whole system is packed into a single image without apt/dpkg. By this approach, both system size and boot time can be dramatically reduced.

  • XEmbed and Screen resolution
    Xvesa now support 1024x600 screen resolution, it looks good on EeePC. As you may see in the screenshot, plate UI now embedded application directly inside the web, it results in better integration and desktop usability.

  • USB 2.0 and Filesystem
    Because we eliminated most of the kernel modules, the USB support and some common filesystem including fat/vfat, ext2/ext3 and ntfs are built-in. So it's handy to use removable device.


  • xpud-0.8-mod.tgz
    This is the complete modules set that can be put on USB flash drive and use after booting. Just use udev to load modules: tar zxf xpud-0.8-mod.tgz -C /lib/modules; depmod -a; udevd --daemon ; udevadm trigger

  • xpud-0.8-rootfs.gz
    You can customize xPUD with your own kernel by using this root filesystem.

  • build-livecd-xpud
    If you would like to build standard version of xPUD and make further customization, check out this build script with subversion.

  • xpud-0.8.iso
    Use this iso image instead if your machine doesn't support boot from USB.

  • xpud-qemu.rar
    If you would like to test or demo xPUD on Windows, here's a portable QEMU package.


We got two new developers, Steven Chou will work on integrate plate with Web Widget/Gadget. Lawrence Wong Will take care of underlying javascript code refactoring, so I can keep on system building. Thank you guys! :-)

Feedback welcome!

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sam-wangxx1028 提到...

我在http://linuxtoy.org/ 推荐了了xPUD .PUD linux ...加油!

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