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2008年7月31日 星期四

xPUD-lite, xPUD-QEMU and build script

I've done some experiments today, here's the result:

xPUD-lite: LiveUSB and LiveCD. (35MB)

The whole system of xPUD-lite is packed into a initramfs, so it can boot directly into X and plate UI within 5-7 seconds.

If we tweak the kernel & module selection, the final image size can be reduced under 20MB. If you would like to try, here's a iso image without any kernel module: xpud-lite-small.iso (23MB)

For test on Windows PC, here's a portable QEMU, just put iso image inside and double click "start.bat": xpud-qemu.rar (1.3MB)

The binary-level xPUD build script is also committed, it's totally re-written in shell script, and I add a README file. You man check it out form the google code repository:
svn co http://build-livecd.googlecode.com/svn/branches/build-livecd-xpud